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Jonathan Gibbons author of The Way of Acceptance

Jonathan spent a decade in India practicing Zen meditation, studying Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, doing every self-improvement course available, and trying to get his body into excruciatingly painful yoga postures before realizing that this was not the most direct way to find contentment in life. So he went in search of a more direct route that didn’t involve endless contemplation, esoteric knowledge, or complicated practices.

He finally emerged from months of silent retreat in the depths of the forest, returned to the “real world”, and began leading an informal meditation group. Inspired by the questions he encountered there, he began to teach a simple, pragmatic approach to dealing with the inevitable challenges and frustrations of our increasingly frenetic lives. And so The Way of Acceptance was born.


Over the course of his colorful life, Jonathan has played bass in rock, pop, blues & jazz bands in the UK, traveled extensively in Asia, taught in the Middle East and South America, played classical guitar on the streets of Europe, and set up a recording studio in a converted cowshed in the foothills of the Indian Himalaya, where he produced three albums, including a groundbreaking album of Tibetan rock with local musicians.


Jonathan recently returned to the UK after an absence of 28 years. He spends his time teaching, writing, playing guitar, and practicing meditation.

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